International Photography Contest

2009 International Photography Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the TOP THREE WINNERS of the 2009 We Share Foundation International Photography Contest. Our judges were Joyce Boghosian, a former White House photographer who recently shot the official portrait of U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, and Dan Hansen, an Associated Press photo editor and former White House photographer. Each winning club chose one of our Club-to-Club World Service projects to receive their prize money.


“Happy Birthday, Quota!”

Submitted by QI of Metro Denver

At a 90th birthday party for Quota, Metro Denver celebrated the gift of hearing by inviting the children whom they had helped receive hearing aids during the last year. In the faces of this little boy and his mother, the pure delight of the sound of laughter shines through. Working with the Siemens Sound Beginnings Program, this Quota club helped eighteen children hear their mothers, their families, their friends, and the other wonderful sounds around them. The picture wins First Place for its joyful representation of the miracles that Quota International works every day, all over the world. Judges said “A true moment of joy and happiness jump out at you from this image, as a young child experiences the wonder and gift of sound and the loving expression of his mother.”

QI of Metro Denver donated their U.S.$500 prize to the Club-to-Club project run by QI of Davao City in the Philippines, a neonatal hearing screening program.


“We Share”

Submitted by QI of Metro Cebu

Quota’s goal is to give. In this picture from Metro Cebu’s Christmas party for the students of the Special Education Center, the volunteers are unseen and the focus is on the happiness of the child. Quota volunteers are committed to kindness and generosity, not to personal recognition. Their fulfillment comes from knowing that they help. The description submitted with the picture sums up the feelings of a Quota volunteer: “We share simply because we want to give a part of what we have, of who we are, and of what we dream to become, so that others may live a better life.” Photo contest judges felt Metro Cebu’s photo showed “…an immediate reaction of pleasure, and the hope for the happiness of all children at the holiday season.”

QI of Metro Cebu donated their U.S.$200 prize to the Club-to-Club project they coordinate in support of the Special Education Center.


“Di Mas Zonido Ayó Oido”

Submitted by QI of Curaçao

Quota preserves the gift of hearing in many ways. During the noisy Curaçao Carnival, the streets are filled with the sounds of Tumba, the official carnival music, amplified by many blasting speakers. Quota of Curaçao launched a vigorous media and schools campaign of “Di Mas Zonido Ayó Oido” (“Too much sound, good-bye hearing”). They sold more than 10,000 ear plugs, and donated ear plugs to all the participants in the youth parade. This happily costumed young girl wearing her ear plugs enjoys the carnival and keeps her ears safe to hear the music for many years to come. The judges called it “excellent portraiture,” adding “the image makes you stop to look longer and wonder who is this charming young girl in just a moments passing.”

QI of Curaçao donated their U.S.$100 prize to the Suriname club’s Stuka Prisiri (Enjoy Learning!) world service project.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR WINNERS! Keep taking pictures for our 2010 competition— DEADLINE OCTOBER 1, 2010. Photos are accepted throughout the year! To print an entry form, click here.

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