International Photography Contest

2005 International Photography Contest Winners Announced

Photographs flooded the Quota International office for weeks last year, all for consideration in the annual We Share Foundation International Photography Contest. Capturing moments of joy, appreciation, and hope, each of these photos shared the spirits of fellowship and service that characterize Quota clubs all over the world. In quantity and quality, they presented a challenge to U.S. President George W. Bush’s official White House photographers, who served as contest judges for a fifth year. Ultimately, though, they selected three exceptional submissions and awarded Quota International of Iloilo the Grand Prize—a cash award of U.S. $500 for the Club-to-Club World Service Project of their choice.

Grand Prize

QI of Iloilo, Philippines

In Iloilo’s winning photograph, the young boy’s impish grin and his sibling’s brown-eyed gaze alone are captivating. However, the image assumes greater significance when one learns that these are probably two of the 80 percent of children in the Philippines considered malnourished. The children’s torn clothing and dirt-streaked skin are more likely the result of poverty than carefree children’s play. Suddenly, the boy’s smile becomes even more remarkable; he is not only sharing what might be his only meal of the day, but he is doing so joyfully.

This message of sharing is one that Quota International of Iloilo has taken to heart. The club currently operates two schools for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and is establishing a resource library for the individuals they serve. They have invited their communities to share as well—at both the local and global levels. Local citizens are invited to donate books, materials, and money to the library, and the project is part of the Club-to-Club program that invites Quotarians worldwide to share in the service.

Quotarians around the world work tirelessly to alleviate such poverty and hunger. Although it sometimes seems the resources have run dry, the children of Iloilo in this photo remind us that we always have something to offer, and that we can share it with a smile.

Second Place

Beris Pritchard

QI of Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia

A young girl smiles shyly as her mentor encourages her to greet the visitors standing behind the camera. Like the woman, we find it impossible not to grin at this blue-veiled child, her eyes and the white flowers in her upturned palms full of innocence and hope.

Past International President Beris Pritchard took this photograph while visiting Quota International of New Delhi’s Quota Home, which provides school classes to children and knitting, typing, sewing, and other vocational training to young girls living in the slums of Faridabad. Children find not only education at the Quota home, but mentors who guide them in etiquette, personal growth, and understanding their cultural heritage. The outfit the child wears is one the Home keeps for special occasions like this one, where she prepares to welcome visitors with the Quotarian warmth that has embraced and improved her life and the lives of her peers.

Third Place

QI of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States

The children in the Bethlehem club’s submission have a tough decision to make: of the hundreds of books spread before them, which one is just right? They are scrutinizing their options at a book distribution event held by Quota International of Bethlehem through its Cops ‘n’ Kids Children’s Literacy program, which brings together individuals throughout the community to promote literacy for youth.

Once the girls find the perfect book, though, they’ll join the hundreds of children who have benefited from the more than 48,000 books that QI of Bethlehem has distributed in places ranging from Donegan Elementary School in Bethlehem itself to hurricane-ravaged schools in Florida. Such large numbers are difficult to comprehend, until we see the joy in the faces of these two children exploring the opportunities of the program. They gain special delight in having their books autographed by the guest reader, a local official or community leader, and wait patiently in line to receive a signature and a few special words from their literary role model!

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR WINNERS! Keep taking pictures for our 2006 competition— DEADLINE OCTOBER 1, 2006. Photos are accepted throughout the year! To print an entry form, click here.

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