2002 International Photography Contest Winners Announced

The Story Behind the Photo: Quota Cares

Each year, Quotarians in Aruba celebrate the International Day of Children’s Rights with a hands-on service project to show local children that Quota Cares.

During the November event, Aruba club members gather at the only hospital on the Caribbean island to visit all of the children and give each a Quota Cares Bear. This image depicts member Evelyn Wever-Croes with an 18-month-old girl who was deeply moved by her gift.

At this time, the girl was critically ill and hadn’t smiled in days. She was crying when Evelyn and fellow club members Diana Werleman and Vivian Wever arrived to visit. “She saw the bear,” explains Evelyn, “and she immediately put a little smile on her face and stopped crying. Her mother was very much relieved and started to acquaint her daughter with the beautiful little bear. The tension in the room just eased away.”

The little girl took her time and examined the Quota Cares Bear. After several minutes, she hugged the bear “and this bear became her best companion during her stay at the hospital,” Evelyn adds. “From that moment on, she was working on her recuperation from the illness. The Aruba Quota club was very happy to have touched two lives—the little

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