Infant Hearing Screening

Working Together for the Children of West Virginia

In 1999, Quota International’s First District, which includes all of the clubs in West Virginia as well as several in western Virginia, worked together to make a difference for the people of their region.

Infant hearing screening had just become law in Virginia, but the bordering state of West Virginia had no requirements on the books. So, the West Virginia Quota clubs took the initiative to help change the situation in their state, getting some assistance and encouragement from their Quota sisters across state lines. In an impressive show of unity and purpose, clubs throughout the First District worked together to encourage West Virginia’s lawmakers to mandate the procedure in hospitals.

Quotarians contacted state delegates and senators all over the Mountain State through letters, phone calls, and visits to explain the benefits of infant hearing screening and to advocate passage of a law requiring it. As a final push, the District sponsored a breakfast during the legislative session in Charleston, the capital city, so lawmakers could get facts and discuss the issue.

The result: a rousing success! Infant hearing screening is now required by law for all newborn citizens of West Virginia before they leave the hospital.

But Quota didn’t stop there!

The Quota District created a poster that was distributed to medical facilities in the state to inform patients and medical personnel of the new legislation. Then, the District cooperated with the West Virginia Bureau for Public Welfare to produce an informative magnet about hearing development that bears Quota’s name and has been distributed to families throughout the state.

“It has definitely brought our clubs closer together,” says past District Governor Kelly Palmer, who led the infant hearing screening effort. “The morale of our District is at an all-time high. We feel we contribute to our localities as well as to the people of our state.”

The We Share Foundation is proud to be a part of the work accomplished by the West Virginia members of Quota International!

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