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Infant Hearing Screening

The We Share Foundation’s Infant Hearing Screening Program helps clubs encourage local hospitals to purchase and use infant hearing testing equipment; educate parents about the importance of testing their children; support state and federal legislation for mandatory infant hearing screening in all hospitals; and volunteer to help hospitals perform infant hearing testing.

Around the world, one of every thousand babies is born deaf, while many others have some hearing impairment. Most of them have undetected deafness, so often they are inaccurately labeled as slow or retarded and begin their lives with low expectations. That is why the We Share Foundation supports Quota International’s effort to bring infant hearing screening capabilities to local hospitals: to give children born with hearing problems a good start toward a fulfilling life.

Early intervention for speech and hearing disorders can enable a child to “catch up” with their peers in language development, often before reaching school age. Hearing screening performed before the baby leaves the hospital after birth can get the ball rolling with an early diagnosis.

For more information on infant hearing screening, please send your request, including your address, to staff@quota.org.

Infant hearing screening promotes early diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss.
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