Implementing Quota’s Healthy Hearing Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide

Suggested Script for Healthy Hearing Campaign Ear Plug Distribution

Encourage members to carry these scripts in their purses or pockets as a tool to educate individuals about Quota International. Ear plugs should be given to adults; let them give them to their children.

Remember that we are not giving ear plugs away. First and foremost we are selling Quota. Here is an example conversation:

Hi, how are you?

(Somewhere in the conversation…) Have you ever heard of Quota International? It is an eighty-seven-year-old civic organization and we help the deaf, heard of hearing, and speech-impaired people, including children. We also work with disadvantaged women and children.

On the label of your ear plug packet you will find our award-winning Web site, which you just have to visit, and see all the wonderful things our organization does. On the label you will also find our organization’s logo and a contact name for you to call. I would love to take you to a meeting sometime. Please call me if you want to join an organization that is unlike any others. Our organization offers personal satisfaction from helping people in our community and lifelong friendships. We are a terrific organization and would like to share it with you.

Try to get the person’s name and number; if you are not successful, they have yours…on their earplug package! You may or may not get this person to join, but you have just educated one more person about Quota and its mission. They also may be a donor or sponsor for an event when you call on them in the future, because they now recognize Quota’s name.

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