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Healthy Hearing “Ear Plugs” Campaign

The fellowship, fun, and service that characterize Quota’s work around the world are part of an important mission: to serve disadvantaged women and children and hearing and speech-impaired people. It’s a big task for a lone Quotarian, or even an entire club. However, then Speech and Hearing Committee Chair Linda Morton, now Central Area Director, found a way to put these important messages in a small package: ear plugs.

These aren’t just any ear plugs, though. They’re Quota ear plugs, and they include an overview of Quota’s mission as well as contact information for the local Quota club. They’re part of an easy-to-implement program that a club can adjust for its size, community, and local current events. Read on for a program overview, examples of ways that other clubs have adopted the project, and a step-by-step guide to implementing the program.

In each of the many ways that a club can choose to adopt the ear plug campaign, the project gives Quota visibility in the community, helps recruit new members, and promotes healthy hearing with a useful tool. Who would have thought that a tiny piece of plastic would have the capacity to spread such big news?

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