Hand-in-Hand World Service 2013-2015

QI of Parañaque: Health Clinic Renovation

In a region plagued with tuberculosis, Quota discovered a health clinic in shambles in Parañaque City. The facility that treats some 300 people per day from three impoverished communities had a tattered tarpaulin, a leaky roof, a busted water tank, a makeshift laboratory, and a foul odor coming from the restroom. The neglected facility, served by only one doctor, lacked proper equipment and medicine to treat urgent cases.

Hand-in-Hand donations have already brought significant improvements to the clinic through Quota of Parañaque’s project for 2011-2013. The toilet has been fixed and sewer lines restored. The roof has been repaired and gutters replaced. The lab is sanitary and outfitted with stainless steel fixtures. And the facility has a permanent sign bearing the Quota logo.

Donations for 2013-2015 will allow renovations to continue. New bathrooms, flooring, façade, and a new waiting room are all planned, along with repairs to the dental chair. Quota also hopes to provide proper storage for TB test samples, a new breastfeeding station, and a pantry. Quota contributions will continue to convert the clinic from a shambles to a success.

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