Hand-in-Hand World Service 2013-2015

QI of Pampanga: Learning Resource Center for Deaf Students

QI of Pampanga has a long partnership with Pampanga High School. Quota helped develop their special education program for the deaf and hearing-impaired which is one of the few in the area for high school students. In 2011-2013, Quota of Pampanga began a project to build on that success. Their Hand-in-Hand project was to begin to establish the first and only Learning Resource Center for the deaf and mute in Pampanga. A dedicated special education center would provide student access to a wider range of materials and training, and a place for the special education learning community to meet and share ideas.

These efforts continue in the 2013-2015 cycle. After acquiring a new classroom building to house the special education center, Pampanga Quota aims to make the space conducive to learning. With pest control and kitchen renovations complete, upcoming improvements include ceiling fans, cooking equipment, audio-visual equipment, and computers.

The project will introduce curricula and technology at the center to suit the various learning styles of students with special needs. The center will also offer job skills training for students and their families. The renovated kitchen will support many of these activities, including cooking and food-handling demonstrations.
Improvements in the SPED Center will help students graduate with job prospects and help parents learn to become self-supporting. Hand-in-Hand donations will supply instructional materials and provide school supplies, nutrition, and transportation for students with hearing loss.


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