Hand-in-Hand World Service 2013-2015

QI of Kolkata: Educational, Vocational, and Healthcare Assistance

The Quota club of Kolkata received Hand-in-Hand World Service Program donations for the first time in 2011-2013, with a plan to develop a school for the street children of Kolkata. Needs remain plentiful in Kolkata, where Quota helps in various ways through this Hand-in-Hand project. Assistance reaches not just the children, but also women and youth with education and training that changes lives.

One aspect of the project provides early education and daycare for 35 street children, aged one to seven. The Kolkata Quota Club hired a Montessori-trained teacher to run the program, which the club also supports with meals, snacks, and toys.

The project supports vocational training as well. Classes of 20-30 women learn skills to earn a living through classes and mentoring. In addition, the club provides scholarships to students at the Scholars Vocational Centre to pursue higher education. The most recent recipients plan to pursue engineering degrees.

Donations also support a home for the elderly and provide medicine for a local hospital that serves the poor. In addition to these endeavors, Kolkata Quota plans to install a library in a local elementary school this program term. On as many levels as possible, Quota of Kolkata strives to battle the poverty and meet the needs of their community, with the help of Hand-in-Hand donations.

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