Hand-in-Hand World Service 2013-2015

QI of Davao: Kindergarten Enrichment

For over 20 years, QI of Davao has fought the problems of hearing impairment in newborns and preschoolers in the community. The club works tirelessly to spread the word of ear wellness and hearing screening through free clinics, other informational outreach events, and public-information materials. A DVD on hearing screening, developed by QI of Davao, continues to be distributed through local agencies and health care providers. In 2007, the club made history by successfully pushing through a city ordinance requiring hearing screening of newborns, and it has formed a partnership with Davao City Government Social Service and Development Organization to screen preschoolers for hearing loss.

Through their service to provide hearing screening around the region, the Davao Quota Club recognized many other needs, beyond those of hearing loss, in the schools that serve Davao City’s poorest baranguays. Their Hand-in-Hand project for 2013-2015 focuses on improving a local kindergarten in San Roque Central Elementary School, which serves 4,100 children through grade six.
Around 200 children in the school are kindergarten students, who attend half-day sessions in classes of 50 students each. Donations through the Hand-in-Hand program will help the club achieve its goal of installing a library and providing regular medical care for the students. Quota also plans to start a feeding program for the children, parenting classes for their mothers, and a scholarship for one deserving child in each kindergarten class.

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