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Papakura’s Plan

Club publicity chair Irene Bickerton with an antique dealer.

Once a date and a good location are secured, the Papakura Quota club invites antique dealers to sell at the annual Antique Fair. Dealers pay $375 per 15 square meters of stand space to cover costs of venue rental, security, and local and national advertising. Ads appear in newspapers, magazines, and on radio. And the club distributes banners and posters throughout the region.

Everyone in New Zealand can hear about Quota’s fundraiser! And hundreds come to the event.

Club treasurer Ann Paton and Antique Fair treasurer Kathleen Drummond have lots of counting to do, thanks to the work of the Fair dealer liaison Pam Ross, Fair Convenor Carol Shearer, and their brigade of Quota volunteers.

Ticket sales provide most of the gains during the weekend. A Friday night preview before the Fair opens to the general public attracts serious buyers for first dibs on the merchandise—along with those who simply want to be in “the place to be.” This evening of fun, wine, and nibbles costs $15 each, while entry on Saturday and Sunday is $5 each. The club also sells raffle tickets throughout the weekend.

The 2002 Preview night attracted 160 people, who learned from club president Sylvia Rhind that the Papakura Quota club has donated more than $110,000 from Antique Fair profits during the past 12 years.

This year the club will be able to add another $13,500 to that figure. Profits at the door totaled $10,300, plus $2,000 from the raffle and $1,200 from the bake sale.

The 2002 profits will help the Hearing House in Auckland. Click here for details!

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