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Papakura Club Rolls in the Dough

Papakura Quota members make profits rise with the sale of their baked goods during the club's annual August fundraiser.

The Papakura Quota club is rolling in dough again, thanks to an August fund-raising event that raised N.Z.$13,500 to support service for deaf and hearing-impaired children in New Zealand.

Besides bringing in antique dealers and attracting customers for them, the club members sell tasty wares of their own. They spend weeks preparing homemade baked goods to sell to the throngs of customers attending their annual Antique Fair. And the result is the sweet smell of success!

Quota volunteers prepare dozens of delicious cakes, breads, and pastries to sell during morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea at the Fair. To attract attention to the goodies, the club employs an irresistible sales technique: they bake on site! The aroma of scones in the oven lures customers to the food booth, where the club nets a delicious profit to add to returns from ticket and raffle sales. This year’s kitchen effort brought in $1,200!

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