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Helping Hearing House

Dealers Liaison Pam Ross (left) and Papakura Quota club president Sylvia Rhind receive flowers in gratitude from the Hearing House, Auckland, recipient of the 2002 Antique Fair profits.

Profits from the Papakura Quota club’s 2002 Antique Fair will provide needed hearing equipment for preschool children receiving speech and hearing therapy at the Hearing House in Auckland, where Papakura Quota volunteers also offer hands-on service—taking care of the gardens and helping in the office when needed!

Papakura club.

Proceeds from past Antique Fairs allowed Quota International of Papakura to help a wide range of people. In addition to annual audiology scholarships, the club offered support to South Auckland Hospice (including a lifting machine and pain pumps), the Stroke Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Research, Bethany Hospital, and Pakuranga Health Camp.

Antique Fair funds also provided a pulse oxymeter for Green Lane Hospital, a defibrillator for Papakura St. John’s Ambulance Service, training for a guide dog for the blind, language development needs for cochlear implant recipients at the Hearing House, and various equipment for local residents with speech and hearing impairment.

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