2009 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Publicity

Quota International of Estes Park, Colorado, United States, District 9

It pays to have a club member in the newspaper business. At least that’s the feeling of Deborah Holmes, Estes Park Quota club president. The club’s amazing success at raising money and developing a good image throughout the Estes Park community are proof positive that good, ongoing publicity works. But newspaper coverage is only the beginning of this group’s publicity efforts. The Estes Park club has managed to get its name and projects advertised on local radio and television stations on a routine basis, thanks to the diligence of a club member in charge of publicity and other members who are experts at getting the club’s message out there.

Case in point, the Club’s 2008/2009 Ambulance Drive is already a huge success having raised over $47,000 toward its goal of $60,000. The drive was launched in November of 2008 with letters to every home owner and business in Estes Park, followed by a weekly newspaper ad and a continuous stream of newspaper articles.

This will be the 14th ambulance the Estes Park club has helped to purchase during the past 45 years, but it’s only one of the club’s many successes. Publicity savvy on the part of club members has not only helped to raise thousands of dollars for community projects, including $3,600 the club donated to a sister Quota club in Denver for the Siemens Hearing Project, but it has also increased awareness of the club. This year the club added seven new members, making it 54 members strong. All of these new members said they had read or heard about the club in the local media.

Quota club members have also used Estes Park newspapers to promote the sale of Quota cook books and the community Easter egg hunt sponsored by Quota. Heavy media coverage of these projects and many others has helped to make the Quota club of Estes Park one of the most well-known and successful service organizations in the community.

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Quota International of Whakatane, New Zealand, District 37

Keeping the Whakatane Quota Club in the public eye is the responsibility of Karla Hammond, club publicity director. Ms. Hammond’s enthusiasm and drive, as well as her contacts with local newspapers and television and radio stations have created a remarkable increase in the club’s visibility over the previous year with more than 20 newspaper articles and a large amount of radio coverage. This coverage has resulted in new club members, a great sense of pride and morale within the club, and greater recognition of the club by businesses and the community.
According to club President Wendy Tozer, Karla knows how to develop good relationships with the media. Although she is persistent in demanding media attention for Quota projects, she works alongside local newspapers by developing newsworthy articles and photos that she encourages them to publish. This creates competition among media outlets, ensuring that Quota projects are well promoted.

The club’s Fashion Parade, which raises money for a local charity, is a good example of Karla’s publicity savvy. Since there was little money in the project budget for paid advertising, Karla developed newspaper articles promoting the event. Four weeks prior to the event, she began contacting the local media to make sure they were on board. Free tickets were distributed to the press, photographers, and media personalities, and were also given to radio stations for the purpose of awarding them to callers, which spurred the interest of the general public.

During the event, Karla looked after the media by making sure they had everything they needed. She even sent out thank you letters to the media after the event.

As a result of Karla’s diligence and the work of many club members, the Whakatane Quota club was able to raise $6,300 for Hospice.

President Tozer believes that increasing publicity can have many benefits for Quota clubs across the world. It increases club vibrancy and growth; it provides greater opportunities for service; it develops positive and motivated members; and it creates a positive profile for the club in the community. Acknowledging the important role of a dedicated publicity director and giving him/her access to the club’s board and activities are key to developing successful media and public relations.

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