2009 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Fund Raising

Quota International of Estes Park, Colorado, United States, District 9

Raising thousands of dollars to help purchase an ambulance is no small feat for any local service organization to do once, but the Quota club of Estes Park has already accomplished it 13 times. At the time of this publication, the club’s 14th Ambulance Drive is well underway, having already raised more than $47,000 toward their goal of $60,000, half the cost of an ambulance. A grant from the State of Colorado will supply the remaining funds.

Estes Park Quotarians are confident they will meet their goal of $60,000 by the time the drive finishes at the end of May, 2009. The club credits the hard work of its Ambulance Committee and other club members who know how to ask for donations, wide media coverage, and the ongoing support and recognition of the community for ensuring the continuing success of the drive.

As soon as the Ambulance Drive begins, Estes Park Quotarians get busy stuffing envelopes with letters seeking the financial support of local homeowners and businesses. They also barrage local newspapers with letters to the editor, weekly newspaper ads about the drive, and articles about the hospital ambulance crew and emergency room staff, and set up interviews with local radio talk show hosts.

The work doesn’t stop after the drive is over. The club likes to recognize all the businesses and organizations that donate to the drive and publishes pictures of the ambulance crew and trucks with a message thanking donors.

The Estes Park Quota club also benefits greatly from the Ambulance Drive, which has occurred every three to four years over the past 45 years. The club continues to be recognized and thanked for keeping Estes Park’s emergency team supplied with up-to-date ambulances. The club’s logo is also posted proudly on the side of every ambulance, spreading community awareness of the club and instilling pride in club members whenever they see the trucks on the street. All of this recognition and support spreads out to the club’s other fund-raising projects and ensures that they will be successful as well.

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Quota International of Lower Clarence, New South Wales, Australia, District 24

Thanks to a new walking frame provided by the Lower Clarence Quota club, a little fair-haired “bloke” named Bailey is crashing into the walls of his Australian home much to his mother’s dismay. Bailey Jensen, who is just two years of age, suffers from Cerebral Palsy, but now he can get around just like any other toddler with the assistance of the walker and his brother, Cooper.

Bailey became the focus of the Quota club’s most recent fund-raising campaign when the club received a letter from Bailey’s mother. The mother shared how Bailey needed the walking frame to strengthen his legs and help him learn to walk. The campaign was sealed when the club read that both Bailey and his twin brother Cooper, who underwent heart surgery, had spent their second birthday in the hospital. The family was going through a very rough time.

The club used the notoriety of the new movie “Australia” as the basis for its fund-raising film night. They contacted a local movie theatre owner and arranged to have the first night of the film’s showing reserved for Quota. In keeping with the “Australia” theme, they also arranged to have roast beef sandwiches and liquid refreshments (beer for the men and red wine for the women) served before the movie’s showing.

As soon as the movie’s release date was confirmed, Lower Clarence Quotarians sprang into action. An article about Bailey and his photograph were sent to the local newspaper along with ads promoting the event. The club also distributed posters announcing the event throughout the community. Before long, all 150 seats at the local cinema had been sold and the theatre offered to hold a matinee performance minus the refreshments on the following day to accommodate the overflow. Quota members who had also purchased tickets offered them to people who were too late to buy them, and the members helped with the refreshments instead.

More money was raised as people who could not attend the movie called in pledges. A hot rod enthusiast who was in town the weekend before the event also donated $2,000 for Bailey on behalf of his group.

All in all, Quotarians raised over $5,000 for Bailey, doubling their goal of $2,800 for the purchase of the walking frame. They will use the remainder of the funds to start a travel fund for Bailey, who will need to visit specialist clinics out of town.

The event was so successful that the club will continue to do movie nights as fund-raisers, and noting the value of such an event, other service organizations in the area are following in the Quota club’s footsteps.

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