2009 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Fellowship and Fun

Quota International of Greensboro, North Carolina, United States, District 19

Flower pot hats, cat in the hat hats, wild hair hats, royal hats, animal hats, hats with ears, top hats, floppy hats, hats of all shapes, sizes, and colors…no, this is not a Halloween display at a costume store, but a Hat Party thrown by Greensboro Quotarians in support of then club president, Pat Hatley, who had tossed her hat in the ring for district governor.

The hilarious Hat Party was held in the midst of a cold and rainy evening during the club’s monthly meeting on Monday, February 9, 2009. Club members, donning a variety of “hats for Pat,” braved the inclement weather to enjoy the fun and fellowship at Coopers Ale House.
But the real fun began when Dr. Lundee Amos, a Certified Laughter Coach, invited Quotarians to exchange the hats they had brought to the party for the outrageously funny and unique hats in her huge bag of hats. Dr. Amos, a cancer survivor, was introduced by Eleanor Ray, a club member who is currently battling cancer.

Get the picture? You can just imagine the laughter as Quotarians sported the unusual hats and mimicked the characters that the hats brought to mind. Dr. Amos also taught club members how to add even more laughter to their lives by focusing on “positives” during the week, like compliments, flexibility, gratitude, and forgiveness, topping it off with chocolate on the weekends.

It was a night of funny stories, laughter, silly songs, and exercises that warmed the hearts and lifted the spirits of everyone who attended.

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Quota International of Ruston, Louisiana, United States, District 21

Balloons, colorful table settings, party games, prizes and, of course, cake and ice cream all set the stage for a traditional birthday party held by the Quota Club of Ruston, Louisiana. The festive event, celebrating Quota International’s 90th year and the Ruston club’s 52nd year, was held during the club’s monthly lunch meeting. The party also gave Club President Lynn Hutchinson a unique opportunity to recognize groups of Club members by their length of service and individually.

While Quotarians dined on fresh fruit, sandwiches, and chips, President Hutchinson divided the membership into Quota years, including Infants/Toddlers (members who have served 0 to 5 years), Adolescents (6 to 10 years), Teenagers (11 to 19 years), and Young Adults (20 to 25 years). She described the nature of each of these groups as it relates to Quota service, from the youngest members who were being nurtured in their service to Quota to the oldest members who served as the foundation of the Ruston Club. Following the acknowledgement of groups, she called out each club member by name, and recognized the importance of each member’s service to the overall success of the club.

Topping off the party were games of Musical Chairs, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and tossing clothespins into a milk bottle. Prizes were awarded to members in each group as the good times and laughter rang throughout the meeting room. The party was so successful that one party guest joined the club immediately following the event and three other guests are considering membership…and this was all accomplished within the club’s typical meeting budget of $25. Prizes were donated.

The Ruston Quota Club has made a tradition out of putting fun and fellowship into its regular meetings. In fact, their efforts have resulted in five new members and five new recruits in 2009 alone…and are worthy of consideration by other Quota clubs that are looking for ways to increase their membership.

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