2008 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Service to Disadvantaged Women and Children

Quota International of Manila South, The Phillipines, District 41

Three small words inspired a far-reaching project for Manila South Quotarians: “health is wealth.” Recognizing that poor living conditions lead to poor health, the club sought the opportunity to improve the health of communities that needed the most. They identified two local neighborhoods that could benefit tremendously from a health initiative: one comprised of indigent families living along railroad tracks served by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul in Paranaque City, and the other in Paradise Heights, a former garbage dump that is now the site of new, low-cost condominiums still surrounded by garbage. The deplorable living conditions of the residents in both areas have given rise to numerous diseases. Many residents have medical conditions that go undiagnosed, while others know of their medical needs, but are unable to afford treatment.

Quota International of Manila South took a comprehensive approach to addressing these medical problems. Rather than simply address minor ailments, their medical mission was committed to diagnosing and treating ailments on the spot, giving away adequate dosages of medicine, and performing minor surgical procedures. Such an expansive undertaking required a true community effort; the club enlisted the help of several medical and dental specialists and pharmaceutical companies to donate services, supplies, and medicine.

In the course of just two days, a range of issues were not only identified, but fully treated: cysts that had grown to alarming proportions, delayed circumcisions, gum and teeth infections, intestinal ailments, nasal and lung congestion, poor vision, and skin infections. Medications were given out for the entire duration of the treatment to ensure patients’ complete recovery. Every patient received a medical chart and pediatric patients received goodie bags with medicine, vitamins, milk, and cereal. Paradise Heights’ patients also received immunizations for MMR, DPT, flu, and polio. Not only did 1,200 patients benefit from the mission, but the health of the community is improved, more local medical practices and companies know about Quota, and Manila South Quotarians collaborated and strengthened the club through their work together: overall, and beyond words.

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Quota International of Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States, District 16

Tulsa Quotarians made wishes come true with their Excellence Award-winning project last holiday season. One of the club’s members introduced the group to her classroom—23 mentally-challenged, low-income students who face myriad obstacles: dysfunctional families, mentally ill parents, poor living conditions, and foster care. The club, which had been looking for an opportunity to directly serve local children in need, leapt at the chance to make a difference in their lives. Given a list of the children’s needs, clothing sizes, and other details, Quotarians spent 15 hours at local stores purchasing properly-sized clothing and other items for the entire class. By the end of the shopping spree, a mountain of gifts had been purchased and assembled into backpacks filled with shoes, pants, school sweatshirts, socks, underwear, hats, school supplies, toiletries, and, in the spirit of the season, candy canes.

On December 19, four Quota members arrived at the classroom laden with backpacks and singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” The children responded with the holiday carols they had been practicing in preparation for their special guests and presented the club with a card that read, “Dear Quota Club, Thank you for coming and for the lovely Christmas gifts. You are wonderful people. Merry Christmas!” Quotarians received some lovely Christmas gifts as well—the children’s smiling faces, sparkling eyes, and joyful voices.

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