2008 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Publicity

Quota International of Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia, District 35

Multi-tasking is a way of life for most Quotarians, and it paid off well in Liverpool last year. In coupling their publicity initiative with a cause, Quota International of Liverpool increased its local visibility and made a difference last year. The club hosted a single breakfast to achieve many goals: to promote Quota and International Women’s Day, to educate the community on ovarian cancer, and to attract potential Quotarians. Headlining the event was well-known Dr. Philippa O’Brien, Head of Ovarian Cancer at the Garvan Institute for Medical Research.

With date, time, and keynote speaker set, the club dove into the details to create their own media frenzy. They requested support from their Local Council, which provided press coverage, contacts for the guest list, and a Council corporate gift for the guest speaker. With the Council’s support, the event was featured in two local papers, and the local radio station conducted a 30-minute interview with the club’s publicity offer, in addition to running regular advertisements. Along with the mass media and displays in local shopping centers, the club made personal contacts, sending invitations to 300 people via e-mail and postal mail.

The day of the event drew a crowd of 96 guests: teachers, students, cancer survivors, and others who read or heard about the event through press coverage. Each guest received a handout on ovarian cancer and the club’s new brochure before turning their attention to club president Liz Habib, whose welcome address compared the audience before her to those of Wanda Frey Joiner and her peers. Thanks to Quota International of Liverpool’s comprehensive approach to publicity, Wanda’s word continues to spread and bring opportunities for growth; the club scheduled a follow-up membership drive for potential members who attended the event.

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Quota International of Lower Clarence, New South Wales, Australia, District 24

When opportunity knocks, Lower Clarence Quotarians do more than just answer the door—they welcome it with open arms and make the most of it! Their enthusiastic response to the opportunity for an increased community visibility resulted in an Excellence Award for Publicity this year. Five years ago, the club purchased a Beach Access Wheelchair that allows the disabled to enjoy beach and river access in an area that frequently hosts tourists. The wheelchair was welcomed by the community and publicized in the local media. Over the years, though, it was used less frequently because the ramp leading to the beach had fallen into disrepair. The answer was simple: move the chair to a functioning ramp.
Opportunity often awaits where one least expects it, and the club’s public relations officer saw and seized it, reaching out to three local newspapers with whom she’d actively cultivated relationships in anticipation of such events. She submitted press releases to promote the chair’s availability and new location, and in doing so, she introduced over 100,000 readers to Quota’s work. The publication of press releases had a chain effect, leading many residents to write letters to the editor, extending the publicity. In addition, photographs of the chair and instructions for use were posted in a local caravan park for community members and tourists to see, rejuvenating a past project and reintroducing the community to Quota’s work.

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