2008 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Membership

Quota International of Lower Clarence, New South Wales, Australia, District 24

A little technology went a long away for Quota International of Lower Clarence last spring! After volunteering to host the 2007 District 24 Conference, the club realized that it faced a dilemma – with just 12 members, 3 of whom would not be available for the conference, there might be more work than was manageable. Rather than burn out, club members decided to share the work—and the joy of Quota—by recruiting nine new members.

The key to their membership success?—a DVD. The club reasoned that “pictures speak louder than words,” and that presenting information about the club in this format would allow them to forego an overwhelming amount of text and create an interactive experience for prospective members. The disk was a collaborative effort, produced by a club member with computer expertise, who produced a disk that featured information about Quota governance and programs. Other Quotarians contributed photographs of local scenes and club members at work and newspaper clippings so that viewers could recognize the places and faces. The final result introduced hundreds of viewers to—and reminded all Lower Clarence Quotarians of—good times and the cumulative impact of club service and fund-raising work.

After receiving the DVD, prospective members received a phone call offering them a ride to the club’s next meeting, social event, or fund-raiser. Nine responded and became Quotarians, and each joined a club committee to help with the district conference. Now, not only were more hands on deck, but there was more fun to be had! Never ones to rest on their laurels, the club continues to refine and use the DVD for outreach, adding voiceovers, background music, and other features to spread the joy of Quota to even more potential members.

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Quota International of Papakura, New Zealand, District 37

Service is stylish in Papakura, thanks to the local club’s award-winning Fashion and Friendship Afternoon last year. After experiencing a loss of nine members in just 18 months and celebrating its 30th birthday with fewer members than at their charter date, the club took an innovative approach to growth. Rather than hold a Quota Information Night, the Membership and Publicity committees decided to target prospective members in the wider community with an event whose primary goal was social—a fashion parade, including a tea and gourmet raffle. Each club member submitted the names of three invitees, who were not limited to friends, but might include colleagues, neighbors, doctors, and business clients. Within three weeks, the guest list was at 74. Members followed up the invitation by asking recipients if they needed transportation to the event, while club members remained committed to focusing on fun and fellowship while including subtle Quota touches to introduce guests to Quota’s world.

The day of the fashion parade dawned with sunshine and 35 RSVP’s. Upon arrival, guests received a goodie bag including a Quota card, Healthy Hearing earplugs, makeup and fragrance samples, and miniature Easter eggs. Following the parade, guests listened to member testimonials about Quota and a presentation on service highlights. Although it began to rain, the club had a backup plan and moved inside. After the rain cleared and everyone moved outside for tea, guests listened to member testimonials about Quota and highlights of service projects. The 35 guests had a great time—and 15 indicated a strong interest in Quota, in addition to another seven who were unable to attend the event. The club responded quickly, following up with an orientation evening, invitations to club meetings, and an evening where new members could ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere. Those new members, along with the energizing experience of organizing a successful event, have brought a breath of fresh air to the club.

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