2007 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Service—Hearing and Speech

Quota International of East Memphis, Tennessee

East Memphis Quotarians know that a child’s education is not limited to their time in the classroom—every minute of every day is a learning opportunity! That’s why when they adopted the Memphis City School’s Hearing Impaired Program, they didn’t limit their work with a focus on school alone: they included a workshop for the parents of their “adopted” students.

Aware that the parents of their students want to be sure they’re helping their children grow and develop as learners at home—and that they often lack the community of parents in similar situations—the club held a day-long event for 16 parents in March. Parents actively participated in activities and discussions about literacy, advocacy, assistive technology, internet resources, state-mandated testing, and community agencies, and they heard the perspectives of nine hearing-impaired high school and college students. In addition to free child care, Quota provided free lunches, door prizes, and school supply bags for all children.

Every participant benefited from the event as student volunteers had the opportunity to share their experiences, community agencies received high visibility, and parents learned about opportunities and made connections with other parents. The club also benefited tremendously, as the article it submitted to the school system newsletter was distributed to over 5,000 employees and the local newspaper, and two of the parents expressed interest in membership. Learning has never been this much fun!

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Quota International of Kalamazoo, Michigan

Hundreds of seniors are hearing a whole new world, thanks to Quota International of Kalamazoo’s Wired for Sound project at the Portage Senior Center. The center, which aims to provide seniors with a sense of community through health, educational, and other activities, has over 2,000 members and serves lunch to 80 to 90 seniors each week. However, the center does not have the assistive hearing devices many seniors need to hear, communicate, and, consequently, escape the isolation that hearing loss can cause.

The local Quota club was well-equipped to solve this problem, drawing on the unique talents and knowledge of its individual members. One Quotarian, an audiologist whose work includes regular visits to the center, informed the club of the need. Another member is a local distributor of assistive hearing devices who was able to assess the center’s space and make equipment recommendations.

With these members’ guidance, the club purchased an induction loop system for the multi-purpose room, where many events are held, as well as the center’s kitchen and craft room. These systems allow individuals to hear in lecture-style as well as in small groups and social settings: speakers wear microphones that direct speech to the individuals’ hearing aids, reducing the effects of background noise and making soft voices in group activities and movies easier to understand. Now, all seniors at the center can experience the full benefits of community as they listen to important information, discuss what they’ve heard, and simply enjoy one another’s company.

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