2007 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Fellowship and Fun

Quota International of Bathurst, New South Wales

“Laughter is the key to longevity,” wrote Noelene Phillips in Quota International of Bathurst’s winning Excellence Award application, referring to the chuckles that filled the Bathurst Entertainment Center where the club held its senior citizens’ luncheon. That project revealed that laughter is key to club fellowship as well!

Bathurst Quotarians worked together to kick off the community’s Senior Citizens Week with a luncheon. Given a specific task, each member arrived at the Bathurst Entertainment Center armed with aprons, knives, cutting boards, and a sense of humor on the day of the event. They split into groups to work together on different projects and, “Before long, a sumptuous feast was prepared and so much fun and laughter prevailed,” said Noelene. The center was filled with 300 seniors who enjoyed dips, sandwiches, cake, fruit, drinks, and side-splitting entertainment! The club organized a variety show that included belly dancers, Spice Girls, and a Cirkus Surreal act that brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

Even the clean-up for the event was fun, as all members chipped in. By the end of the night, the center was empty again, but hearts and minds were filled with memories of laughter and fellowship.

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Quota International of Kyogle, New South Wales

Australia’s Bass Strait boasts some of the world’s most well-dressed penguins, courtesy of Quota International of Kyogle’s award-winning project. The sweaters that Quotarians knit for the birds were more than a fashion statement, though—they were an important part of the penguins’ treatment after an oil spill in the strait last year. When staff at the nature park’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center took in 1,500 afflicted birds, they dressed them in the sweaters to keep them warm and prevent them from preening themselves and ingesting the poisonous oil. Sweaters that didn’t fit the birds were sold in the souvenir shop for stuffed penguins, with the proceeds going to help oiled seabirds and other sick and injured wildlife.

Kyogle Quotarians first heard of the need for penguin sweaters through a television news story in 2005, and they contributed a dozen to a church group project. Last year, though, they saw the project as an opportunity to bring together all club members. Improving upon the old quilting bee tradition, the project allowed them not only to do service work and enjoy one another’s company, but also to bring Quota wherever they went as the needles, yarn, and other supplies were easily portable. They could take this low-cost project with them anywhere, and when people asked them what they were knitting, they had a great opportunity to talk about the plight of the birds—and the service, fellowship, and fun of Quota.

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