2006 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Membership Retention

Quota International of Andover

For most organizations, finding ways to sustain their constituencies as well as attract new members becomes quite a challenge. For the Quota club of Andover, new membership increased by 23 percent. With a mentoring program, where seasoned constituents assist new recruits during their first year in the club, more people are willing to join Quota, knowing that they’ll have help along the way.

The membership chairman found a good way to retain their affiliates. It isn’t a secret formula that would be hard for someone to duplicate. In fact it is a simple idea, which has had a tremendous impact on all of the club members. By reaching out to fellow volunteers, getting to know them, their talents and their strengths, the club has retained most of its charter members since the foundation in 1991. By keeping track of attendance at meetings, the membership chairman called anyone who had missed two consecutive gatherings. “Checking in” to making sure that everything was all right was a great way to let members know how much the club cared. Remembering associates on their birthdays with cards and recognizing birthdays and anniversaries at club meetings was just one way of showing individuals how valuable they were to the club.

This simple idea is a powerful tool in retaining members. When individuals feel that an organization knows them and appreciates them, they are willing to stay on board.

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Quota International of Coolum Beach

A number of years ago the movie, Field of Dreams, made the saying “if you build it, they will come” a popular one. The premise of the movie was to build a baseball field where all the great players of the game would gather. In Coolum Beach they have their own version of a field of dreams. They have provided an environment where club members can meet for craft projects or just to share the bonds of friendship. By providing crafts days and a book club, Quotarians can gather to enjoy each other’s company on a regular basis.

Quotarians have always been known to rally during emergencies. Now, that same spirit of coming together is being used to create an environment where talents are nurtured.

And just how does this help the club as a whole? Easy! The Quota Club of Coolum Beach has a strong base of friendship. So when it comes time for service projects, club members already know their areas of strength, and they are able to organize and get down to business immediately. The Quotarians love the extra activities outside their club duties. Their latest “club-within-a-club” is most fittingly a “movie club”!

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