2006 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Membership Recruitment

Quota International of Cambridge

When the Quotarians of Cambridge took on a recruitment initiative, they set about the process by designing a program called “The Partnership, Class of (year).” The program was an adaptation of past International President Barbara Carey’s, which she presented at the 1999 conference in Boston. The results have been dramatic.

Each September, club members present names of potential members. In the ensuing months, each candidate is invited to a luncheon and several orientation meetings. The goal is to have an “informed prospective member” who would understand the club’s mission and just what is expected of its constituents. It is only when a person has full knowledge of the club and its undertakings that a commitment can be made.

Cambridge is a growing community, and Quota is attracting women who have moved into the area. The club has made a commitment to attracting new members, and to insure that goal, the Quotarians have budgeted $900 to promote growth and development. As an awareness of the name Quota has increased in the community, fund-raising efforts have also grown. Sending money to promote the club has netted big profits for club fund-raising efforts. How’s that for money well spent!

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Quota International of Coolum Beach

Meeting over a cup of coffee—or cuppa—as they say in Coolum Beach, has had a remarkable effect on the Quota club. Getting together to talk about Quota in the informal setting of the local coffee house has been the means for significant recruitment during the past two years.

For a small community of 7,000, the Quotarians have had tremendous success in recruiting new members. In 2004-2005 the club added 9 new members and for the 2005-2006 year they have already had 8 individuals join their ranks. Club members attribute their remarkable success to these informal gatherings. It is an opportunity to get together without the constraints of a formal meeting to enjoy the camaraderie. These monthly meetings, which are open to the public, give potential members the opportunity to learn about Quota and judge for themselves if it is right for them.

Last winter, when the club members were placing their orders for tea, a customer approached the counter to inquire, “Who are all the ladies having so much fun?” It turns out that the woman was moving to Coolum within the next few months. Sure enough, she contacted Quota and joined the club, proving that much can be accomplished over a cuppa!

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