2006 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Fellowship & Fun

Quota International of Tweed Heads/Coolangatta

Citizenship is an important step for people, and thanks to the Quota Club of Tweed Heads/Coolangatta, twenty lucky individuals became Australian citizens in more than just a large, impersonal procedure. The government asked several service organizations to find ways to make the citizenship ceremony more personal. Thanks to the Quotarians, the program took on special significance with guest speakers, entertainment, presentation of gift packs, and a supper.

The Quota club members wanted to do more than just host an event. They wanted to provide the new citizens with opportunities to meet and make valuable contacts with people in their communities. What better way to help assimilate the new citizens than by making introductions?

The evening was a tremendous success, not only with fulfilling the club’s objectives, but also by giving that very personal touch to a momentous occasion. The honorees were treated to poems by Australian authors Dorothea MacKellar and Henry Lawson. They heard Australian music, including the National Anthem and Waltzing Matilda. The supper consisted of typical Australian fare: meat pies, vegemite sandwiches, and lamingtons.

It was a great experience for all Australian citizens. It gave those who were born in Australia a chance to reflect on what their citizenship meant to them. And as for all of the new citizens, they learned first hand about how community volunteers come together for fun and service.

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Quota International of Mississippi Gulf Coast

There have been a lot of plays and movies lately about spelling bees. The eager contestants take turns spelling challenging words. If you ask any Quota Club of Mississippi South to spell the word “fun,” they’ll surprise you by spelling it “S-H-E-N-A-N-I-G-A-N-S.” That refers to the annual parade dedicated to recognizing the business and retail areas of the city.

While the word “Shenanigans” isn’t very much of a challenge for a good speller, the concept of organizing a parade with almost 95% of the parade route having been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina was a daunting task. Just as champion spellers give a lot of thought before answering, the Quotarians also gave much consideration before deciding to go ahead with this event. Along with civic leaders, the club members felt it was just the thing to ease the tension and hardships caused by the hurricane.

The Quota club whose members dwindled to 10 from 26 doubled up on duties, consolidated some of the pre-parade events, enlisted some outside help, and went to work. And like the spelling champs, when the letters all fall into place, the pre-parade Grand Marshall/Colleen’s party and the “Shenanigan’s Parade” came together to provide fun and fellowship for Quotarians and the residents of Gulf Port. Although weathermen predicted an outburst, the Quotarians knew it wouldn’t “rain on their parade.” This is one group that won’t be beaten down by inclement weather!

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