2005 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Service—Disadvantaged Women and Children

Quota International of Orillia Ontario, Canada

When one member of the Quota club of Orillia joked about the “menopausal sweats,” she probably didn’t realize that her comment would give way to a very successful service project. That off-handed remark at a Quota meeting generated a longer conversation about menopause and the need to educate women about its symptoms. While this natural process affects all women, there is a range in the strength of its symptoms, which include depression, hot flashes, joint pain, migraines, heart problems, weight gain, and sleep disturbances, all of which can lead to more serious complications. To teach women about these symptoms—and how to deal with them—Quota’s Orillia club held an information forum for women of the community.

The forum was a true team effort, as all committees of the club were engaged in planning and promoting the event. Members focused not only on advertising, promotion, and corporate sponsorship, but attracting dynamic, knowledgeable panelists to ensure the quality of information. Dr. Jennifer Blake, a prominent member of the medical community, and June Rodgers, editor of Friend Indeed Menopause Newsletter, were the keynote speakers.

Through a well-organized media blitz and in-kind donations of radio airtime, the May event attracted 450 eager attendees. At $18 a ticket, there was an additional benefit to this informative program—
a donation of almost $9,000 to the Diagnostic Imaging Department of Soldiers Memorial Hospital. QI of Orillia not only won a 2005 Excellence in Service award for this project, but one in the category of Excellence in Fund-raising as well.

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Quota International of Curaçao Netherlands Antilles

There’s nothing like a backpack brimming with new school supplies to evoke back-to-school enthusiasm. Thanks to the Quota International club of Curaçao, experiencing the excitement of new pencils, rulers, markers, and book bags has become a tradition even for children of less-privileged families. For the fourth consecutive year, the club has filled 1,000 school bags to provide these children with the tools essential to learn.

Committee members planned a program strategy, held fund-raisers, and assembled and distributed the bags. This work gave them an opportunity to strengthen their own bonds through shared stories and laughter, while serving the greater community.

That community was as enthusiastic at the disbursement as the Quotarians were throughout the process. Amid press coverage at the Myrna Dovale School—the local school for the deaf—teachers and parents expressed their gratitude in heartfelt words. However, it was the children’s bright smiles as they received their bags that made the greatest impact on everyone present. One day, they might carry on this tradition, reminiscing about their own schooldays as they carry on this successful project that invests in the future of the community’s youth.

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