2005 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Membership Recruitment

Quota International of Davao City The Philippines

When the QI of Davao City’s membership dropped to eight individuals, the club concentrated on the potential for growth and success. Their goal to strengthen recruitment was accompanied by a commitment to achieving success through teamwork. The Davao club created two recruitment programs: “Each Quotarian, Recruit One” and “Balik (Come Back to) Quota Program.” Through these programs, each club member was encouraged to recruit one new member, and not only encourage an old member to rejoin, but motivate and nurture them as they transitioned back into the club.

The club members realized that retention was as important as recruitment, and improved their meetings and projects to keep members engaged. To make meetings more interesting and invest members, each member was assigned to be in charge of a meeting. To strengthen the club’s identity and cohesiveness, they put together an advocacy project: a Deafness Seminar, the first in this area of the country. By coming up with a clever slogan and producing brochures about the benefits of hearing screening, the public became aware of the importance of the Quota project to establish a neonatal hearing screening program, not only for Davao City, but for the entire island of Mindanao.

Now, when the Davao club gets together, the difference is noticeable. Its membership has increased 187 percent! They have even branched out to Tagum City. To all new recruits they say, “You can make a difference. You can share through Quota.”

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Quota International of Sioux City Iowa, United States

This year’s recruitment numbers for the Quota Sioux City club were remarkable: eleven new members were installed! These new Quotarians were products of an aggressive recruiting plan established by current members after club membership dropped over the course of five years. This strategic plan involved approaching former members, because of their familiarity with the club, but also introducing Quota to a new group of people with a “Get to Know Us” luncheon. In addition to these initiatives, the October kick-off meeting featured inspirational speakers and a video showcasing the club’s service projects.

Quota International of Sioux City focused not only on recruiting new members, but also on welcoming them and smoothing their transition into the club by providing them with mentors, work committee assignments, and a “new member class,” where they could get to know one another. They were inducted with a new installation ceremony that showcased Quota’s rich history of service to the community. The induction also renewed the commitment of current affiliates, allowing them to reflect on the club’s accomplishments with a “Recommitment Ceremony.”

Teamwork and diligent planning have led to the great success of these recruitment efforts. While it doesn’t take a large membership committee to accomplish these goals, it does take the entire club to seek out prospective members and welcome them into their new Quota family. The strength of the entire network will lead to a positive Quota experience—one worth sharing.

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