2004 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Service—Hearing and Speech

QI of Baton Rouge Louisiana, U.S.A.

On Valentine’s Day 2004, the teachers, therapists, audiologists, and staff at the Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation received a “gift from the heart” from QI of Baton Rouge. Club members, with assistance from parents, provided a special Valentine’s Day Appreciation Luncheon.

As staff members entered the occupational therapy classroom, which was adorned with hearts and flowers, they were greeted by Quotarians, the Foundation Board of Directors, and parents and served a wonderful array of southern Louisiana delicacies.

As part of the celebration, the chairman of QI of Baton Rouge’s Speech and Hearing Committee presented a variety of new puzzles, games, toys, and books that the club was providing from the Foundation’s “wish list” to restock their teaching materials. The staff was ecstatic to receive such wonderful gifts.

The Foundation treats over 1,000 clients each year with hearing losses and also teaches language, speech, and social skills. For the past four years, QI of Baton Rouge has provided this Valentine’s Day Appreciation Luncheon to honor the hardworking staff that is helping so many people to reach their potential.

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QI of Parkes New South Wales, Australia

When the idea of placing captioned medical videos in the local library was suggested late last year, it was received with great enthusiasm by all the Parkes club members as being a tremendous benefit to their small country community.

Club members put together a selection of open captioned medical videos for the Shire Library, where they can be easily accessed by the community. Some of the videos were paid for by members, while others were generously donated by various organizations. The videos cover heart problems, diabetes, radiation therapy, breast cancer, and mental illness, and are suitable for both hearing and non-hearing impaired individuals.

On March 6, 2004, Parkes Club officers presented the videos to the Shire librarian and the mayor (pictured above with the club president), both of whom were absolutely delighted with the comprehensive collection that was sure to be put to very good use.

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