2004 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Membership Retention

QI of Andover Massachusetts, U.S.A.

The secret to QI of Andover’s success in keeping its members is developing a sense of community and family within the club. This is achieved by focusing on the members and their achievements and teamwork.

One way the club creates a sense of family is by pulling together to help one another and by celebrating special occasions. In times of need, the club does a rotation of meals for an ill member and her family. Members’ birthdays are acknowledged by the club president, and each business agenda mentions noteworthy events or achievements of members in the past month. Additionally, at the new member initiation the president honors members who have celebrated a significant Quota anniversary.

Drawing from the business world, QI of Andover has established a mentoring program whereby new members have a “big sister” as a mentor for their first year in the club. Not only has this helped ease new members into the group, but it has also been a reaffirmation of the experience and knowledge of the “senior” members. Another positive benefit of the mentoring program is that it gives new members the confidence to step into leadership positions much sooner than they normally would.

The club’s retention strategy can be summed up as follows: Put your members in a situation where they can only succeed, make sure they are prepared (so as not to fail), and you will have them for life!

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QI of Weyburn Saskatchewan, Canada

The Weyburn club’s outstanding membership retention project for 2003 was the 50th Annual Carol Festival. The festival originally began in 1953, the year the club was chartered. Every year since then, Weyburn’s Carol Festival has been held at a local church on the first Sunday in December. It is a project that relies on the individual strength and skills of each member, involves everyone, is fun, and serves as the kickoff to the Christmas season in Weyburn.
To commemorate the 50th anniversary, the club prepared a video and music presentation of highlights from the past 50 years that was shown at the beginning of the festival. Then, along with the singing of carols, club members shared a Christmas meal and donated money, toys, and food to the Salvation Army’s “adopt a family” project.

This annual event strengthens the bonds between members and creates a special feeling of camaraderie within the community. The community has a great awareness of Quota and its work because of the festival and the publicity that surrounds it.

QI of Weyburn’s best advice to another club in improving member retention is to choose a project that all can enjoy!

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