2004 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Membership Recruitment

QI of Bathurst New South Wales, Australia

QI of Bathurst was turning 50 in September of 2003 and had a proud history to celebrate. But with declining membership, the club knew it had to secure its future by commencing a mammoth community awareness and membership campaign.

The club planned a series of activities leading up to and following the 50th anniversary. They began with a media blitz—2000 Quota cards and posters were printed for distribution and invitations to the 50th Birthday Party were distributed to friends, family, and coworkers. Three events were also conducted to raise community awareness and allow for community networking and promotion activities. These included: 1) planting a tree in Quota Park as the club’s gift to the mayor and the community; 2) holding a barbecue fund-raiser; and 3) selling raffle tickets to raise funds for equipment for special needs students at the local high school.

The 50th Celebrations—named “Celebrating the Past—Looking to the Future”—were planned to encourage all women to attend. Low-cost, good food, excellent entertainment, and a high-profile guest speaker were provided, and it paid off. Approximately 100 people attended the event, including about 15 who could be considered as prospective members.

Following the 50th Celebrations, the club kept a high profile through a variety of club activities. As a result, QI of Bathurst started the new Quota year with 24 members, up from 16 when the recruitment campaign originally began. Perhaps the greatest benefit, however, is that the club now has renewed energy and enthusiasm to continue strengthening its membership.

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QI of Cambridge Maryland, U.S.A.

QI of Cambridge’s “Partnership Model” has been highly successful in attracting new members to the club. Originally begun in 2000, the model emphasizes the importance not only of having informed members, but informed prospective members as well. The rationale is that by providing prospective members with a wealth of information—about Quota’s mission, the expectations of members, and the financial and attendance obligations—it will encourage lifetime membership in Quota from the start.

The model utilizes club members as “teachers,” beginning with the charter members. It also stresses working on recruitment all year long, starting in April when the club accepts prospective member referrals for the next “class” of recruits. In January, a Prospective New Members Luncheon is held, followed in February by an invitation for prospective members to attend a Business Dinner Meeting. At the meeting, each prospective member is paired with a “Senior Partner” who gets to know her and then introduces her to the group. The process culminates with a formal Initiation Ceremony that is held in March.

Typically, this recruitment technique has drawn between five to seven new members each year. However, the Class of 2003 saw a significant increase to 11 members, and now the Class of 2004 has recruited 18 members. Two of the most significant factors in the club’s success are networking within the community and generating publicity surrounding the club and its activities.

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