2004 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Fellowship and Fun

QI of Beenleigh Queensland, Australia

The Beenleigh club definitely had something to celebrate this past year—the club’s 30th birthday. The aim of this special event was to unite both the present and past club members, friends, and supporters in a celebration of all that the club had achieved over the 30-year period. The event was also designed to honor the three remaining charter members in the club. These members—Noela Crocker, Moya Steedman, and Beryl Phillips—are pictured above receiving certificates from then District Governor Karen Leitch.

The party was successful beyond all expectations. Each of the more than 100 guests received a handmade and fully laminated placemat as a place setting. Eight different placemats were designed to illustrate eight areas of club achievement through the 30 years. Additionally, the first vice president made a message quilt (pictured above) that reflects the ideals of Quota, and it was raffled off as a special prize.

An element of fun pervaded the party during the “1970s Fashion Parade.” Members dressed in formal attire, including long white gloves, as well as one outrageous hippy (pictured below) who illustrated that Quota encompasses all kinds of people.

To connect the first charter night dinner and the 30th birthday celebrations, the event finished with the “End of a Quota Day” verse, just as it did at that first Charter Night 30 years ago.

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QI of Manila The Philippines

The ladies of QI of Manila really know how to have fun—all the time! They even have a “Fellowship and Sunshine Committee” to ensure that the club never becomes “all work and no play.”

To keep the fun going all year long, the committee decided to have a “motif” for every Fellowship or General Membership Meeting. The motifs involved the wearing of certain types of clothes and accessories, such as “Ladies in Red” and “Retro,” and prizes solicited from the membership were awarded at each meeting. Interspersed throughout meetings were raffles and games to keep a spirit of fun.

A special feature at club meetings is “Committee in Focus.” This provides an opportunity for different committees to “brag and boast” about their projects. It also gives the committees a chance to win over members to join them in their work.

The club also regularly honors birthdays and other milestones; sends flowers, balloons, and cards to cheer fellow Quotarians; and provides sisterly support through prayers and personal visits. All in all, the committee strives toward and succeeds in creating a “feel-good” atmosphere.

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