2003 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Service—Hearing and Speech

QI of Aruba Aruba

Fun but very loud Carnival festivities on this happy island led Quota volunteers to distribute earplugs and information about hearing health.

A widespread awareness campaign with television coverage and press conferences launched the project. Next, an attractive booklet was created for children and distributed during visits to local schools to bring hearing issues to the attention of families throughout Aruba.

During Carnival, club members offered free earplugs to children watching the parade. Members also sold boxes of earplugs to local businesses in advance, raising U.S.$5,600 for the project.

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QI of Kalamazoo Michigan, U.S.A.

Aiming to help deaf kids build self-esteem through social interactions, this club provided a fun day of ice skating with a professional hockey team.

Some 35 kids gathered autographs, took photos, and learned skating and hockey skills from players on the Kalamazoo K-Wings team, who enjoyed themselves so much that they played an extra hour with the children. The team’s coach has a hard-of-hearing sibling and knows the challenges associated with deafness.

The club worked with the team’s publicity agent to organize the event, which included several school visits to promote it. Players spoke at five local schools about the value of education, in addition to attending the skating event. Club members say the wonderful experience left them “with tears and thankful hearts for the opportunity” to do good in their community.

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