2003 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Membership Retention

QI of Lawrence Massachusetts, U.S.A.

By increasing hands-on service projects, often involving crafts, this club generated more enthusiasm, because members had more opportunities to get to know one another better.

Club treasurer Jackie Ulbin said, “We work very hard to listen to, encourage, and support each other. It is the caring that sustains us and keeps our membership active.”

The club retains members easily because they feel “like family.” By making the crafting events fun, more members are willing to attend a couple of extra meetings to get the projects done. Members know the club is counting on them to help, and each member feels an integral part of the club.

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QI of Parkes New South Wales, Australia

Emphasis on fellowship and fun fosters permanent membership in Parkes, a club that maintained a membership of 54 last year.

Leaders say the key to retention is a happy, busy club in which every member is included and her talents used to the fullest. Members are assured that family and work come before Quota, so that all feel contented and guilt-free. And, ironically, that keeps members coming back and participating actively.

Parkes believes their excellent retention rate is a result of the smooth and inclusive running of the club, the interesting things they do, the recognition afforded each member, the friendship and fun, and the valuable community service they carry out.

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