2003 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Fellowship and Fun

QI of Casino New South Wales, Australia

Preparing for the South Pacific Area Meeting in Coffs Harbour gave this club a chance to enjoy one another’s company while working together for Quota. After one club member volunteered to design favors for the meeting, club members organized a joyous “assembly line” to appliqué 340 washcloths with the meeting’s “Southern Star” motif.

Next, members had fun soliciting lotion, cosmetics, perfume, shampoo, and conditioner from local hotels and pharmacies to turn the washcloths into adorable goodie bags for meeting attendees.

The club turned the goodie bag assembly and packaging into a laugh-filled evening of fellowship and fun, complete with a five-star dinner after work was done. Each goodie bag came with a tag:

Time and talents we all share
To make our Quota world so fair
So here’s a gift from one who sews
To help clean your face and toes.

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QI of Fairbanks Alaska, U.S.A.

A Healthy Life Campaign encouraged these Quota members to make positive lifestyle changes. The club divided into two teams in January and earned points each month for improvements—weight loss, smoking or drinking reductions, increased exercise. For example, one pound lost equaled one point; four hours of exercise per week equaled two points; one week without smoking earned two points. In addition, teams gained points for recruiting new team members AND new Quota members during the campaign.

Each month, the teams tallied their points, and the losing team paid $5 per member to the grand prize pot, set aside for the overall winning team at the end of the campaign. A Healthy Lifestyle cheerleader entered the data into a spreadsheet to keep track of the progress.

At the end of the campaign, the winning team received a cash prize, but the whole club—now healthier and lighter!—benefited from better habits and greater camaraderie among members.

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