2002 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Service for Disadvantaged Women and Children

QI of Iloilo The Philippines

Project: Protect the Rights of the Child—Child Abuse Prevention Forums

When November 2001 was declared Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Iloilo Quota club developed a program to coincide, offering a forum themed “Amligan Ang Katarungan Sang Bata,” or “Protect the Rights of the Child.” More than 223 people from various barangays attended, exceeding all expectations. The audience requested a second forum, offered in March 2002.

The club planned and implemented wide-ranging programs targeted at the population in which each forum was held. The events involved speakers and materials from various government agencies aimed at educating attendees about child abuse, its prevention, and how to report cases. Open, lively discussion followed each lecture.

QI of Manila The Philippines

Project: The Soup Kitchen Program

The Soup Kitchen, a weekly feeding program for indigent children organized by the Manila club, provides lunch for thousands of children in the Philippine capital. Each Thursday, a club member sponsors the meal, paying for food and selecting the neighborhood for distribution. Member Sundri Daswani volunteers weekly to cook nutritious arroz caldo, rice porridge with chicken and vegetables, which is served.

Besides helping the hungry children, the project strengthens members’ commitment to the club. “Those who come see that the service we do is urgently needed and deeply appreciated by the community. By doing this hands-on service, Quota members see the difference our club is making, and attendance at meetings is then greatly enhanced,” explained Past Club President Diane Morales.

In addition to feeding children, Quota volunteers use the Soup Kitchen to teach parents how to cook nutritious, affordable meals for their families. The simplicity of the overall project led the Manila Rotary Club to propose replicating Quota’s project in other parts of town. “We readily agreed,” said Diane. “We feel great because this means more children will be fed!”

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