2002 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Membership Recruitment

QI of Baton Rouge Louisiana, U.S.A.

Project: The Quota Premier Event

Baton Rouge Quota members believe every member is responsible for recruiting talented, resourceful individuals to keep the club robust in fellowship, friendship, and service. A proven recruitment plan, now in its 19th year, keeps members involved in the life of the club and attracts new members at a healthy rate.

Members begin by identifying prospects two months before the annual recruiting event. Two weeks in advance, proposed members receive a special invitation in the mail. Sponsors follow up with each potential recruit to encourage attendance, verify receipt of the invitation, and to offer rides or make sure directions are clear.

The 2002 event was a “Quota Premier.” After receiving admissions tickets, guests were escorted to a backdrop with the Quota logo for a “photo shoot” to capture the moment. During dinner, members introduced themselves and spoke of what motivates and inspires them in Quota. Then, five “stars” arrived to speak briefly about Quota’s international organization, fellowship, club fund raising, service, and getting involved. Member Emily Stich, costumed as Mae West, introduced the Quota Premier video-a compilation of club photos set to movie tunes.

Guests departed with membership applications—and all ten joined! In keeping with club tradition, new members formed a “class” who went through orientation together and formed bonds with other class members.

Past International President and Baton Rouge club member Bobbie Carey offered this advice for recruiting events: “Let the membership committee plan them, but get everyone involved. Spend more time on the social than the informational aspect. Let guests and members get to know one another. Serve wonderful food and wine. Start and end on time. Leave them wanting more. Make recruiting an annual event that everyone loves.”

QI of Valdosta Georgia, U.S.A.

Project: The Annual Membership Drive in October

A concerted annual effort to recruit new members also has fostered 100 percent membership retention in the Valdosta club. The plan is so good that two separate sets of judges bestowed Excellence Awards on it in two categories—Recruitment and Retention!

Each August, members are asked to identify good member prospects and provide names and addresses. Each person receives a written invitation to an October luncheon as someone being considered for membership in Quota. Members with the most prospects to show receive prizes and enjoy the spirited competition.

Guests are given information packets about Quota that include membership forms. During the meal, club members speak about their club experience. Long-term members talk about what has kept them in Quota, while new members explain why they chose to join. Other members explain fund-raising and service projects for the year, allowing the club to educate the community about Quota, even those who will not choose to join the club.

The October 2001 membership drive brought in 10 new members in one meeting. “This recruitment program works great for us, because it allows members to work together, be competitive, and have fun at the same time,” added Past Club President Linda Tillman.

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