2002 Excellence Award Winners

Excellence in Fellowship and Fun

QI of Canton Ohio, U.S.A.

Project: Work Hard and Have Fun!

The Canton club aimed for a year of fun programs to enhance attendance. After a brainstorming session, the five-member program committee selected events for the year, made plans, published a program booklet, and launched an informative Web site that included the club calendar. Fund-raisers and service projects were incorporated into programs, fostering fellowship and fun as club members carried out activities.

Since club members’ ages span four decades, the club aimed for diverse programs, such as a fund-raising flower and garden auction, a formal dinner with spouses, a casual picnic to present scholarships, a recruitment event with card games and door prizes, and a spaghetti dinner to honor the club’s Deaf Teen of the Year. Since some members are new to the workforce and others are retired, the program committee looked for events that were free or low cost.

To discourage cliques, the club begins each meeting with a mixer that determines where members will sit and encourages members to become better acquainted with one another. And they take lots of photos and post them on the Web site and on bulletin boards in meeting places. Notes past club president Naomi Dobina, “The whole experience of having fun together and working together has boosted our club’s morale and provided us with the cohesive fellowship so necessary for successful service to the community.”

QI of Lithgow New South Wales, Australia

Project: 50’s+ Expo

In conjunction with Seniors Week and to celebrate 50 years of Quota service, the Lithgow club coordinated a Fifties Plus Expo to provide things of interest to senior persons. Representatives of various groups provided stands to promote their areas of expertise—gardening, landscaping, line dancing, Scottish country dancing, walk ball (a slow form of netball for seniors), crafts, bowling, croquet, genealogy, cake decorating, painting, relaxation therapy, golf, and adult learning.

The club offered morning and afternoon tea in addition to craft items and raffles of a hand-knitted mohair cardigan and a quilt, made by club members, to cover expenses and provide a tidy Aus.$400 profit for the day.

But this honor was awarded for the fellowship and fun the event engendered. “You feel a sense of pride sitting in a room full of friends who have combined well to put together a very successful event,” said event coordinator Noela Williams. “All members were involved either in organizing or promoting the event. The fellowship was enormous and brought members even closer than before.”

QI of Liverpool and QI of Parkes New South Wales, Australia

Project: Breaching the Sandstone Curtain-from Sydney to Fiji

When the Liverpudlian Quotarians planned an event with the Parkes club, they were expecting wild and woolly fun. After all, Parkes received Excellence Awards for Fellowship and Fun the past two years! It was so much fun, in fact, that the joint adventure brought in a third award for Parkes—the limit for a club in one award category!

Quota members from Moss Vale, Manly, Ingleburn, Camden, and Bateman’s Bay—and a Rotary exchange student from Chile—joined the Liverpool club in a bus and several cars for a weekend road trip to Parkes. After the mayor graciously welcomed the travelers with a civic reception on Friday evening, Parkes Quotarians led their guests to dinner al fresco in a lovely plant nursery in Greenparkes.

The next morning, the Quota members inspected a local wool plant, then the famous radio telescope in Parkes that stars in the movie “The Dish.” Later, all joined in a magnificent feast to celebrate Quota’s 83rd birthday and one of our Quota countries, Fiji.

Guests were greeted with leis, hibiscus flowers to wear behind ears, drinks of kava served by a Fijian named Billy, and the scrumptious aroma of pig on a spit. Following a presentation about Fiji, each table competed to create a grass skirt from newspaper and to string and model it. Revelers danced to native Fijian music into the night, then rose bleary-eyed for a guided tour of Parkes and nearby Forbes, a gold rush settlement. “Many new friendships were made, as we all had so much fun together,” Parkes member Pam Nankivell noted.

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