Cops ‘n’ Kids Literacy Program

New Cops ‘n’ Kids Logo Available to Clubs

© Nancy James

In Delaware, U.S.A., QI of Wilmington also runs a successful Cops ‘n’ Kids program with a reading room and outstanding community involvement. Past club president Nancy James has taken Cops ‘n’ Kids promotion to a new level with a donation that will benefit the program worldwide.

Nancy creates original watercolors and prints for children from her studio in Landenberg, Pennsylvania. In 2003, she participated in Wilmington’s “Downtown Dino Days,” a street exhibit of 55 painted fiberglass dinosaurs. A local company purchased her whimsical entry, “Lil’ Bones,” for U.S.$3,200 and donated it to star in the Cops ‘n’ Kids reading room. When “Lil’ Bones” was selected to be reproduced in miniature and sold in downtown stores, Nancy shared her dino-sized success with Quota, incorporating her original “Lil’ Bones” design into her club’s Cops ‘n’ Kids logo and using the dinosaur as a mascot.

Nancy has offered the use of “Lil’ Bones” to the We Share Foundation so that all Quota clubs with Cops ‘n’ Kids programs can use the easily recognizable, kid-friendly image in promotions. Here are directions for obtaining and using the free logo:

The ‘Lil’ Bones logo is available for use only on Quota International club-sponsored Cops ‘n’ Kids-related promotional materials or products. No other use is authorized or permitted.

  • Any monies generated from the use of the design or concept must be designated for charitable purposes only.
  • The design cannot be altered in any way. The logo may be reproduced in black and white or in color.
  • The copyright of the design and concept remain the property of Nancy James.
  • Written permission for any other use of the logo must be obtained from the We Share Foundation at

To receive a copy of the logo, e-mail your request to and be sure to indicate how you plan to use the logo. The logo is in a JPEG format (72dpi, 10.5 by 14.2 inches, 281 KB).

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