Cops ‘n’ Kids Literacy Program

Hold a Celebration of Reading Event

Make reading fun for the children in your community! Hold a celebration of reading—a positive event that is appreciated by the community for its simplicity and value. The best part is that, if organized well, it requires very little money, if any; and the gift to the community is priceless and long-lasting.

Here are points to consider when planning a Celebration of Reading event in your community from club president of QI of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Beverly Bradley.

  • Check your community’s schedule of events to determine whether you might join an event that is in existence (this eliminates starting from scratch).
  • Contact your local school district officials and police to discuss your project and ask for suggestions.
  • Coordinate a book drive as part of a Quota service project prior to the distribution event (each member can easily have a drive in their place of business or place of worship with little effort—this is very effective in making the community aware of your efforts).
  • Prepare a letter to sponsors outlining your purpose and needs (food, tent, t-shirts, etc.) and have members hand deliver the letter to local companies.
  • Prepare a press release and poster to make the public aware of initiative and needs.
  • Contact local high schools, colleges, and community leaders to solicit volunteers to read to the children and provide manpower for the event.
  • Keep the initial event at a manageable level the first year to ensure success.
  • Follow up the event with thank-you correspondence, inviting partners to join you in the future.
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