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Cops ‘n’ Kids Literacy Program

One normally wouldn’t put the words “cops,” “kids,” and “Quotarians” in the same sentence, but a program called Cops ‘n’ Kids has inextricably linked the three. Founded in 1997 in Racine, Cops ‘n’ Kids has promoted literacy and a positive image of the police force through book distribution and literacy programming in this Wisconsin, U.S.A., community. Quota International of Kenosha-Racine, the first club to become involved in Cops ‘n’ Kids, has been instrumental in the program’s success in their community. Club members have helped program founder Julia Burney to develop a squad car reading program, to collect books for distribution, and to read to children. Since 1997, the children of Racine have received tens of thousands of books and can read them—or be read to—at the Cops ‘n’ Kids Reading Room.

Both police forces and Quotarians across the country have been inspired by the program’s success in Racine. Many police departments throughout the United States have established and operate their own Cops ‘n’ Kids, or similar literacy programs, often by partnering with local Quota clubs. Because of its opportunities for hands-on service, publicity, fellowship, and strengthened connections with the community, we encourage all Quota clubs in all Quota countries to consider adopting this program and adapting it to their communities’ needs. This program fits well within Quota International’s disadvantaged women and children service area, and it can truly transform your club and your community.

Whether you choose to initiate a Cops ‘n’ Kids program in your area, collect books for an existing one, read in classrooms, or get involved in the program in one of many other ways, this is an opportunity to do hands-on work that makes a difference you can see.

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