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Executive Director’s Message

November 7, 2012

Dear Quota Members,

As my time as Quota’s Executive Director draws to an end, I wish to sincerely thank the Board of Directors and all the members of Quota that I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. You have inspired me, motivated me, and often awed me. Ours has been a wonderful partnership of dedicated board leaders, professional staff members, and energized Quotarians, all striving towards one ultimate goal—to do what’s best for Quota.

And why? Because Quota is a force for good and the world needs your caring now more than ever before. Every day you impact the lives of people in need and the lives of your fellow Quota members. What an incredible difference YOU are making.

One of my favorite duties (really, pleasures) in serving as Executive Director of Quota over the years has been reading hundreds, if not thousands, of individual and group actions that members have taken with only one goal in mind—helping someone in need. It is your acts of kindness that embody the true spirit of Quota. Knowing that this spirit will continue long after I have left brings me great comfort and joy.

I am very proud to have served as your Executive Director.

My best to you all and with warm regards,

Kathleen Treiber
Executive Director

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