2014-2016 Regional Directors

R18 – Bernadette Galang

Quota International of Pampanga, Philippines (District 41)

What are your qualifications for the position of Quota Regional Director?
I have been formally trained to be a teacher but have worked in the corporate world for the last 35 years. Working with different individuals with different personalities helped me hone my people skills.

I have been an active member of Quota Pampanga for 17 years. I held various positions in the club and became the club President in 2007. I was also a District Secretary-Treasurer in 2010-2011 and 2012-2013. At present I am the Lieutenant Governor of Dist. 41.
What are your goals for your specific region?
My goal is to continue to increase our membership because I believe that with more hands, we can do more service that will have a great impact to our communities. I also would like to develop better friendship and camaraderie among members through constant communication. I will make myself available to all the activities of the clubs so they will feel the support of Quota International in their mission. I would also like to recognize the clubs who excel in their projects and give proper recognition where it is due.
What do you do outside of Quota?
I am the Vice-President of Starshop Corporation. We own and operate multiple gasoline service stations in Pampanga. We also own and operate a Financial Lending Corporation. We employ about 200.
What else would you like to share with the members of your region?
I LOVE QUOTA. In Quota I found solace in the knowledge that, in my little way, I am able to share my talent and energies in the sector of society where it is most needed. This is the feeling that I would like the members to enjoy….”for each one of us is important to make the whole thing work, so do your part with enthusiasm and know that you have worth.”

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