2014-2016 Regional Directors

R17 – Laura Ur

Quota International of Monrovia-Duarte, California, USA (District 33)

What are your qualifications for the position of Quota Regional Director?
It was my honor to serve as president of the Monrovia-Duarte Club (2009 – 2011). In this role I unified members toward common goals of service, philanthropy and friendship. As a result, we experienced membership growth by an increase of 8; service hours grew by 25%; and we learned valuable information via outstanding programs about our community. It is my pleasure to currently serve as Lt. Governor of District 33.
What are your goals for your specific region?
My primary goal is promoting Quota among youth. What a blessing Quota is, and to instill the works of Quota in today’s youth is urgent. Quota changes lives, but Quota must start in the heart of each one of our treasured youth.

We must also re-focus our energies on attracting adult members. Other goals? I would welcome suggestions…particularly as this is a brand new position and we will be laying the foundation for success. I have an open-door policy.
What do you do outside of Quota?
Besides being “Andy’s Mom,” I love having the opportunity to volunteer, especially when it benefits children. I’m a past president of P.E.O. Chapter M in Monrovia and served on their regional boards. Also, I’m the current president of the Monrovia Guild of Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles. Children’s Hospital played an enormous part in the care of my son Andy when he was diagnosed with Type I (juvenile) diabetes at age 5.
What else would you like to share with the members of your region?
Prior to becoming a “stay-at-home-mom” 25 years ago, I was an executive secretary to the VP of Human Resources at a renowned, world-wide engineering & construction company based in Pasadena, CA.

I once heard that there is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer. If elected, I will give my “whole heart” to this position. What an honor to be on the cutting-edge of a “new frontier.”

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