2014-2016 Regional Directors

R10 – Luz Marina Gonzalez

Quota International of Aruba (District 42)

What are your qualifications for the position of Quota Regional Director?
Currently I am the Lt. Governor for District 42. Before being elected Lt Governor, I held the following board positions: 2012-2013: Past-President/By-laws Director; 2010-2012 President; 2007-2008 Vice-president. I am a Quota member since April 2006. Chaired the Donations, Bylaws committees, active in Service, Fund raising, Seminar committees, promoter of the “Love, Peace, Books” project.
What are your goals for your specific region?
Our current District 42 is one of the few districts that will remain the same in format next year when we become Region 10. This is very special to the members of this district as we have a centuries old history together. Now we, Aruba, Curacao and the Netherlands, are autonomous countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, St. Eustatius is part of the Caribbean Netherlands (together with Bonaire and Saba) and Suriname is an independent country. Together we have a profound and colorful history. The bond and the respect we now have for each others country and the equal relationship is one of the glues that keeps us together. As in our history, now we still at times have issues, which are quickly resolved thanks to the mutual strong friendship the members and the clubs enjoy. My important goal, next to QUOTA’s missions of being of service to our communities, promoting growth in membership and clubs, getting to know and enjoy new friends and sisters, is to keep our region strong and together and keep on building on this fabulous tapestry of ours.
What do you do outside of Quota?
I am the owner and CEO of a Law Office which provides legal services mostly in Intellectual Property matters, from filing trademarks and patents to give counsel and attend to litigation. Our clientele is for 95% international and our clients are spread all over the world. Beside my everyday work I am the vice-president on the Board of Supervisory Directors of the Aruba Airport Authority. Member of the Order of the Eastern Star – Aruba Chapter Two, YMCA of Aruba, past board member for both organizations. Have held previously several other board positions, one of which was for the Aruba Chamber of Commerce as Vice President. Hobbies: reading, swimming and golf (avid reader, good swimmer and bad golfer!).
What else would you like to share with the members of your region?
Of my 49 years of being of service to various communities (Aruba is my home country, but I lived and was of service in Curacao for 2 years and in the Netherlands for 11 years) as an active member of several service and social clubs and foundations, my years with QUOTA have been till now very intense. I JUST LOVE QUOTA! I joined the QUOTA mostly to get more acquainted with my peers and to network, and to be of service to one another and to our Aruba community most of all. As a QUOTA member we get to be of service to the WORLD, this is very special. What I do enjoy most is the friendships I am still building on, the sisterhood between Quotarians is very special. This is a message I would like to get out there. To help build clubs to be stronger together, and members to feel honored to introduce QUOTA to others while helping them achieve this special bond as well. As Regional Director for Region 10 I hope to be able to achieve growth within existing clubs and adding new clubs, JQ clubs, and Silver clubs to our special region. I believe in sharing the special bond our region has with others, and I cannot do this alone. I will need the help of every Quotarian in our great Region. I am counting on your support now, and most importantly during 2014-2016 to have a great start of the new Region 10.

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