2014-2016 Regional Directors

R1 – Valerie Hall

Quota International of Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada (District 11)

What are your qualifications for the position of Quota Regional Director?
Have been in Quota for 16 years been President 3 times had most every position at least once in the club, now acting as Governor of District 11. My qualifications for the position of Quota regional director is my heart, my desire and commitment to Quota International and our Canadian Team.
What are your goals for your specific region?
Help our team grow through sharing together, working together making many more aware of Quota, and what it has to offer the world; and what we together will help make of this wonderful world. This goal will take many, a commitment, time, energy which I wish to give of myself to make a good Regional Director.
What do you do outside of Quota?
I have a great husband of 35 years 4 children 6 grandchildren and a new farm that takes up my time outside of Quota. I was a child care provider for 18 years, a cash office administrative for 11, was a teacher’s aid for 5 and worked in the oilfield for 6.
What else would you like to share with the members of your region?
Now keeping busy with Quota started two JQ clubs with more to get going and working on another club. Quota has changed many lives in our area and can change many more across Canada and around the world. We can make a difference, through new eyes, new visions, new beginnings moving forward, learning from yesterday, living for today and love for tomorrow. I believe we must remember who we are and why we are here; we are never given anything in this world that we can’t handle. So be strong, flexible, love yourself and love others and always remember to just keep moving forward. I have been blessed to have met so many wonderful Quota friends in our Region and throughout Quota world, I would be honored to be your Regional Director, to help us grow in numbers, caring and sharing the Quota Spirit to all ages, stepping forward into a new day.

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