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2006-2007 Annual Reports and Quota International Highlights

A successful year was enjoyed on many fronts in 2006-2007. Convention 2006, which took place from July 21-24 in Gold Coast, Australia, was one of the best international meetings held in Quota’s recent history, and it provided an outstanding start to the Quota year. The members who attended were very enthusiastic, and the meeting, special events, and tours ran smoothly.

In development and growth, Quota organized four new clubs and four new branches in five Quota countries. Membership recruitment continued to do well in 2006—Quota International had one of the highest recruitment rates of all similar-type service organizations that year. With the help of Quota experts—450 members representing every district and area around the world who attended Convention 2006—Quota created and distributed a comprehensive new membership development and growth tool, the +1 Club Planning Guide. This guide was made possible by donations to the Wanda Frey Joiner Development Fund.

Financially, our year ended with a net increase of income over expenses in both Quota International and the We Share Foundation. A record amount, U.S.$226,433, was generously donated by members, leaders, and clubs worldwide, truly a phenomenal sign of your Quota caring.

A complete report on all Quota 2006-2007 activities is published on this site in the links below. In addition, a link to the latest Convention 2008 planning information is provided. All Quota members worldwide are invited to attend this next international meeting to be held in San Jose, California, U.S.A., July 11-14, 2008.




2006-2007 AWARDS

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