2002-2003 Annual Reports and Convention Highlights

Fran Spain, Motivational Speaker

Fran Spain, an 89-year old Southern belle, motivational speaker, and cookbook author, gives the “Energizer Rabbit” a run for his money! Her resume states that she has retired eight times! When Fran hears the phrase “growing old with grace,” her question is…”Who’s Grace?”!

Fran is NOT your typical convention speaker—not even close. Quota members enjoyed her lively and entertaining presentation, BEING ME, on Sunday afternoon, July 20! Using a very humorous approach, Fran shared her wisdom on life: you are judged by how you live your life, not by how you like other people to think you are living your life. God is the great DJ, and the record he will play will contain the reality of your life’s decisions and actions. You only have one life, don’t waste it!

Fran, a Mississippi native and mother of three children, travels throughout the entire United States conducting motivational seminars and serving as a keynote speaker for conferences and conventions. She is also in demand as a teenage-parent relationship facilitator.

Fran’s latest creative project (she says it’s her LAST project until she is 90!) is a cookbook—Fifteen Minutes or Forget It—which resulted from four years of research on how quickly she can get out of the kitchen and not do the dishes. It is dedicated to her children, who were raised by a mother who thought a hot meal was peanut butter on toast!

Fran is active in her home of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she has been awarded honors, including Baton Rouge Lady of the Year. As a volunteer she has served the American Red Cross, Baton Rouge Speech & Hearing Foundation, March of Dimes, United Way, YMCA, and Broadmoor Baptist Church. Previously, Fran has worked as a public school teacher, an association executive director, a PR director, and a publications director.

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