2002-2003 Annual Reports and Convention Highlights

Convention 2003 Service-on-Site Project

The New Orleans, Louisiana, Police Foundation’s Cops and Kids Program got a giant shot in the arm with the gift of 600+ children’s books from attendees at Quota International’s 82nd Convention. The Foundation’s Cops and Kids program is modeled on a similar program started by Julia Burney, a policewoman in Racine, Wisconsin, who has been featured on the Oprah TV program. The New Orleans program helps 200 children who live in public housing in New Orleans get extra help with reading and math skills in the summer and enjoy regular summertime activities.

Quota International’s 2003 Convention held in New Orleans responded to the need and set up their “Service-on-Site” to supply Cops and Kids with books from 14 countries. Each convention attendee brought children’s books to New Orleans when they came to the convention. The books were officially received on behalf of Cops and Kids by Elodia Blanco, Director of Cops and Kids in New Orleans. The books will be used in the program and to set up a library.

Ms. Blanco said to convention attendees, “These books are the largest material donation that Cops and Kids has ever received and will go a long way to reinforce our reading program. Reading is the building block for all educational efforts. Many of our children have never had a book of their own and that will change with this donation.”

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