2014-2016 International Board of Directors

Jeanette Gray

International Vice President 2014-2016

Quota International of Whitsunday
Queensland, Australia – Region 15

Jeanette is a Charter Member of Quota International of Whitsunday and has held all club board positions at least once and served a second term as President in 2013-2014. She served as District 40 Governor in 2008-2010 and chaired the district conference committee in 2011. Since joining Quota, she has attended most District 40 Conferences and has attended several others including the District 41 Conference in 2009 and has visited the Hand-in-Hand projects in District 41. Jeanette has attended seven South Pacific Area Meetings, chaired the South Pacific Area Meeting Committee in 2013, and attended several International Conventions. On the international level, Jeanette has served as a member of the Bylaws Committee, and has chaired the Elections Committee at the 2010 Convention in Vancouver, chaired the Disadvantaged Women and Children’s Committee from 2011-2013, and chaired the Opening Ceremonies and co-hosted the Governor’s Reunion at the 2012 Convention in Honolulu.  Jeanette has also found time to charter two new clubs in District 40/Region 15.

Jeanette believes by “daring to be different” Quota will be an organisation that people choose to join; thus, ensuring the continuity of this dynamic association. As International Vice President, she hopes to help Quota will become an organisation that allows its members to grow personally and professionally.  This can be achieved by embracing the principles and spirit of Quota while being prepared to change with the times. Jeanette wants Quota to remain an organisation that fulfills a variety of needs and wants for its members; whether it is community and international service, fellowship, friendship, fun or travel. She wants Quota International to be know as an organisation that encourages clubs to “dare to be different” whilst celebrating the diversity of its members.

After studying to become a Radiation Therapy Technologist at the Queensland Radium Institute in Brisbane, Jeanette worked in Brisbane and at Providence Medical Centre.  She also worked in the United States at the University of Oregon Health and Sciences Centre in Portland, Oregon.  She received a certificate in Radiation Dosimetry from the University of Texas and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from James Cook University. For the past 25 years, Jeanette has been a manager at Gray’s Sawmill Pty Ltd. She has also served as a board member of the Forest Industries Training Advisory Body for 5 years and has been board treasurer of the Forest Industries Training and Education Consortium for 15 years.

In addition, Jeanette was involved with school Parents and Citizens Associations serving seven years as treasurer and two years as president. For three years, she served as the secretary of the school Band Committee and has managed the netball team for six years. In her spare time, she bakes and sells cakes. The most important people in Jeanette’s life are her 27 year-old identical twin daughters.

Serving as an international board member, Jeanette’s focus is on expanding Quota’s mission serving through world service.  You may contact Jeanette at worldservice@quota.org.

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