2014-2016 International Board of Directors

Emilie Simon

International Vice President 2014-2016

Quota International of Manila South
Manila, Philippines – Region 18

Emilie, a Manila South Quotarian for over 2 decades, dedicates her apostolic work through Quota.

During her 2-year term as Club President (1998-2000), she had a direct supervision over the Club-to-Club Project (now called Hand-in-Hand) on the construction of a 300 square meter floor area Multi-Purpose building for the multi-handicapped children in Morong, Rizal, a poor community outside Metro Manila. The second Hand-in-Hand project she handled was for the Philippine School for Deaf and this was to upgrade the teaching resources and tools for the livelihood courses offered to the high school students.

As District 41 Governor (2011-2013), Emilie focused on spreading these messages – “the more we are, the more helping hands can reach out to our needy beneficiaries in suburban vicinities”. She adds – “let us be thankful for the blessings we have received and give back by sharing our time, talent and resources to let this act of kindness spread”. Under her leadership, 6 clubs were chartered and 6 JQ clubs were organized during her term as Governor. Emilie also encouraged clubs to recruit younger members (multi-generation) to keep clubs energetic for years to come.

She was likewise dedicated in promoting the ‘Prevention of Self-Induced Hearing-Loss’ or ‘Healthy Hearing Campaign’ program of Quota. Being a firm believer of keeping fellow Quotarians in the loop, she opened Facebook accounts for District 41 and her home club, Quota Manila South. Clubs used the D41 FB to post their activities that kept the D41 clubs nationwide in sync and interconnected as well as for sharing these with overseas Quotarians. Emilie also made sure to send regular emails and text messages to club presidents, officers and members in order to keep the Quota spirit alive.

After her term as D41 Governor, Emilie volunteered to oversee her club’s project on the rehabilitation of a 2-classroom building that was severely damaged during the 2013 strong earthquake that hit Cortes, Bohol (a 1.25 hour flight from Manila). She was always in the forefront in soliciting donations from friends and relatives all over to support her club’s enormous projects. This project was the club’s entry for the Quota Cares Month and was one of the top 5 awardees at the 2014 Convention in Cincinnati.

A member of the Hearing and Speech Committee (2010-2012), Emilie gave the committee report at the 2012 Convention in Honolulu. She was also the Quota flag bearer at the same convention. At the 2014 Convention in Cincinnati, Emilie received the Volunteer of the Year award.

Emilie joined the 2013 Quota South East Asian tour en route for Malaysia, to open the doors of friendship with the Quotarians of Kuala Lumpur, a club that will be part of Region 18. Regular communications resulted after this visit and representatives from QILP joined the last D41 Conference in 2014.

Emilie is a Bachelor of Music graduate and has two majors – Music Education and Marimba. She also has a Masters Degree in Music Education.

Emilie salutes all the men and women who have made Quota not only a household name… but also a living and effective demonstration of the power of love!

As an international board member, Emilie’s focus is on expanding Quota’s mission serving disadvantaged women and children.  You may contact Emilie at womenandchildren@quota.org.

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